Paris Event: French Beer with Tasting Nitch


Paris has a growing beer scene, especially for craft beer. And little known to many of us foodies ?- so if you’re coming to Paris you should sign up to try a beer activity with one of Paris best beer geeks – Tasting Nitch. A new offering in the French capital perfect for the traveling beer lover.

Discovering “Good Beer in Paris”?

Learn the basics of beer, brewing, and the story of one of mankind?s favorite?and oldest? beverages. This introductory course, held the first Thursday of every month, is for all levels of foodies, craft lovers, beer geeks, and flavor-seekers looking to better understand the most unpretentious of beverages. Led by a professional beer judge for over an hour and half you?ll sip through four different beers, learning how to truly taste your beer while being guided through history and diversity of your brew.
30? per person

FULL DETAILS HERE on Tasting Nitch Blog



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