We tell you where to find the best cocktail bars in Paris like a local – in the coolest neighborhoods. Some a bit speakeasy, some a bit experimental but all favorites we like to go back to from time to time. It was not easy narrowing the list down, but we truly believe you won’t be disappointed on your next trip to Paris with these.

This is your ultimate list to drink a great cocktail at the top places in Paris.



The Ogranisation de Defense des Spiriteux Francais is a super sexy speak easy for the post-prohibitionist. A hole in the wall you would never know is there unless you know, it’s there. Every cocktail capitalizes on a l’eau de France showcasing the multi faceted, many flavors, history, essence and integrity of this country. Mixology masters and customers mix and match punch glasses in a convivial, conspiratorial, atmosphere.

51 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris

06 66 63 57 60




The cocktail program at Pas de Loup has gotten as much attention as their food, the hands behind these potions used to cast spells at Candeliria, and her cauldron has only gotten cooler. Including an exceptionally epice, Bloody Celeri, juniper gin dusted in dehydrated tomato and celery leaves. There are creations in every flavor profile, the wine list is lovely, for when you decide to stay for beef tartare with Roquefort cream and pickled raisins, or another bowl of The World’s Best Buttered Popcorn.

108 Rue Amelot

09 54 74 16 36


Coolest wine bar in Paris. Well, one of. What is cool anyway? House varietals for 3 euros. Natural wines, sustainable practices, reusable jugs to take a weekly revolving wine home with you  ‘Make your own wine workshops’ En Vrac is the Giving Tree of wineries, in an unsuspecting part of town, with an agreeable attitude she pretends nothing, gives you her all, asking only that you share your joy with the world outside. That’s the essence of cool.

Rue 2 De l’Olive 75018

01 53 26 03 94


A two story speak easy carved out of the stones of Saint Germain for the most recent generation of handsome Hemingways. Complete with velvet setees and a jungle atrium to smoke in, it is both Victorian and millennial. Their cocktails keep it classy staying true to the original gangsta of prohibition. The dj keeps it fresh. Wiggle onto the dance floor when you start to feel frisky Tom Collins, don’t forget your gin fizz.

10 Rue Guenegaud, 75006 Paris

01 44 07 32 43


Hotel La Terrass offers the best backdrop for a truly Bond moment. There are a buffet of Maryloo’s and Blond’s to make Dark Memories with. Their martinis are cut throat and their daiquiri are straight from a rum diary. The view wins the gold medal of spectator’s sports. Not only are the prospects promising you can see all of Paris over their pretty heads. Or you can Smither in a corner sipping a George Dickel n. 12 Tennessy Whisky infused with vanilla, orange bitters and spicy syrup. Take it shaken or stirred.

12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre 75018

01 46 06 72 85


Simply lovely. Buvette is for babes in arms to be rocked gently by the dulcet flavors of natural wine and perfect plates. The food and wine list have been hailed from New York to Paris. Buvette was born in the hipster new wave, and we love her new way with old recipes. Keep it coming mama.

67 rue Saint Maur, 75011

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