New to Paris: Coffee Meet at The Hood

We’re having a cool down coffee insta meet?over with our pals at The Hood coffee shop this Thursday ?80 Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud. ?It’s been super hot hot hot in Paris. So let’s all suffer together. Why not, with some iced coffee and creative chat!


Super informal – so feel free to drop in whenever you like starting at 3pm. We’ll be a group of non-Parisan expats who’ve made Paris home.

Come enjoy a nice afternoon “Gouter” aka snack with each other, sharing stories, tips and catching up with music and humor.

A cool place to be also if you’re new to Paris and just getting your bearings.

Or come and play thier grand piano!??More on our facebook event page

Map it:

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO


  • Reply July 21, 2016


    I really wish I saw this post in the morning. Just a few hours late. I had some time to kill today and this would have been a great opportunity! The spot wasn’t far either. Do you have any other event recommendations for this week by chance?

    • Reply July 25, 2016


      Hi Levente! It was so much fun and everyone loved that we had a space to share about life in Paris.
      We will be having the next one in August. Will post about it here and the Facebook page soon. There’s so much more to discover together 🙂

  • Reply August 8, 2016


    Hi Yanique! When will you meet in August? I’m in Paris for one more week and I would love to meet all of you.

    • Reply August 22, 2016


      Hi Roxie, oh no would love to meet you too! the next one will be in the beginning of September – I’ll write a post here and on Facebook! Can I add you to a special Paris Meet Up Group?

      • Reply August 22, 2016


        Hi Yanique,

        Yes, of course you can add me. Holiday’s over, so I’m not in Paris anymore, but maybe we can meet some other time.

        I made some new friends in Paris this holiday, the guys from INSDR, and I “met” you a little bit before we even talked! 🙂 I tried some of your recommendations from the app (the falafel from Ma-Mi-Va is very good!).

        P.S. In the website field is my Facebook account, so you can add me in the group.

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