Paris Retreat: Speaking at Rendez Vous with Audrey

This week was nothing short of magical! I had the opportunity to give a talk to a group of 10 amazing business women from all over the world, for the first Rendez Vous With Audrey Paris retreat.

My focus was on “How to nurture ourselves via our business”. As a longtime working-mom, event planner, marketing consultant from NYC to Paris. Boy did I have a lot to share!

rendez vous with audrey

Over the years, it’s been a personal journey and a lifestyle change to be able to talk and nurture other women. It really came from my soul – I prayed and meditated on what my talk would be about. And everything came back saying – speak about authenticity and nurturing ourselves as women (personally and professionally).

So I did.

One of my many challenges despite being a successful blogger and businesswoman in France – was how to find ways (sustainable ways) to deal with being a woman, mom, creative and foreigner.

So after sharing my story and tips – we opened up for a Q+A that went in many different directions: How to be a mom and still pursue a new career (or creative change)? How to engage and expand via social media? How to tap into what makes you unique?

One major snippet I told them and I want to share with you all is ” take all of you, in all that you do” …


Seriously, don’t hold back, the world (and your future clients) are waiting just for you (you that is authentic to you, you that knows how to take care of you, hence others, and the you that resonates with others).

Take al of you, in all that you do.

The ladies were also treated to talks, walks, tours, workshops by some of Paris’ most sought-after experts in flowers, photography, food, hair and makeup, calligraphy and so much more.

So happy to have shared the space with (Instagram):


much love!

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