September in Paris notes – La Rentree

I stood at the corner of Rue Etienne Marcel and watched as my pre-teen son crossed the street in the direction of his school; his smaller frame being swallowed up by the busy adult also crossing the street trying to get to work.

It’s the first day of school and in France here we call it La Rentree (also there start of the year!)

I stood there for a good 5 mins perhaps – but it felt longer. By the time I got ready to move I felt like in that moment I felt his birth and growth and even the future man he will be. Sort of wrapped up in my mommy thoughts I left.

No sooner than a few seconds I run into a lady from my old neighbourhood, that caught me off gaurd, but she was at work and decided to step out to smoke a cigarette. We got into talking about the summer vacations (the french love to talk about where they go or ask what you did for the month of August) , we stayed in Paris, here family had a hard time finding a place to vacation that was not too expensive because of COVID many families stayed in France hence increase in prices for everything including tickets and airbnb etc

bon bref, we got to talk ing about our lives now after COVID and what we think will happen. I mentioned that I had a rough time during COVID because I lost all work but I am super happy now because I have a new part-time job teaching at La Sorbonne. She was very happy for me too, and then mentioned that I should be proud because I have had to work through many cultural differences and “codes” as a foreigner and black mom.

So that was just a little back story to how I’m entering into this September in Paris – this new chapter – this Rentree. As a woman who has nothing more to prove. I’m enjoying my life, being grateful for the self-discovery and sharing it all with my son and the people I love.

I have learned with Black Lives Matter that I cannot rely on a system the way others do, so I have to keep my mental health and consciousness protected.

My way of life is now focused on the healing of my fibroids and undoing negative life patterns and getting on with my work of sharing authentic life experiences in Paris. I am enough and you are enough – be gentle with me as I take this time to refocus (so I’m posting less!)

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and thank you for being here.

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