6 Paris Weekend Walk Itineraries to try in Confinement

Over the past few weeks, we have been in curfew from 6 pm to 6 am here in Paris, even on the weekends. Yes loves, our life of people watching from the terrace is no longer in the swing because you know why. N’est-ce pas?

and…since Friday we are now in our 3rd confinement

As this season of our lives with Covid seems to drag on and can be particularly draining, I find that taking short walks and enjoying some fresh air is essential to mental clarity and joy. R

Yanique Sitting outside Olas in the 18th…


Paris even though emptier is still beautiful and we can find many pleasures simply by walking or cycling around. Personally most of my walks are in the direction of a bookshop, because I always feel better around books and magazines (hence why we run a monthly book club on patreon!)

Here are my top 5 walks that have the winning formula for what I like to call “Feel good Paris” : fresh air, coffee break and books…


(Walk 1) Republique Area

– OFR bookshop – I/O coffee shop – Marche des Enfant Rouge

Republique is a central meeting area between the sexy Marais and artistic Belleville where the world collides and on any given day you can find a protest happening under the massive statue of la Marianne, a symbol of the French Republic.

(Walk 2) Sacre Coeur Area

– Halles St Pierre bookshop – Spree Coffeeshop – Rue des Abbesses ( try also Sacre Coeur – La Reguliere Bookshop – OLAS Coffee Shop – Place Tetre)

Montmartre is the quintessential cute little village on the hill of Paris. Home to Sacre coeur and one of the best Ariel views of Paris and its rooftops.

(Walk 3) Left Bank

– Luxembourg Gardens – Red Wheelbarrow bookshop – Cafe Pavane – Odeon

On any given day I seem to feel that Luxembourg gardens is the favorite garden for Parisians to come sit and linger. With beautiful statues and home to the Fontaine de Medici no wonder!

(Walk 4) Canal St. Martin Area

– Artazart Bookshop – Ten Belles Coffee – Along Canal direction Republic

If you haven’t been already wandering along the canal saint martin then you’ve been missing out on some of the coolest spots in Paris in the last 3 years.

(Walk 5) le Marais

– La Moeutte Rieuse – Peloton and Fringe – Rue des Rosiers direction Seine River

The essential thing to do on any trip to Paris is to go to he marais and just get lost. On any street lies tons of beautiful doors, hidden parks and the best falafel on rue des rosiers

(Walk 6) les Halles

– Biblioteque Canope Les Halles- Matamata- Boneshaker – rue montorgueil and rue de nil… you could even walk over to rue rivolie direction Seine River

So the library at les Halles is not a bookshop, but they have one of the best selection of english books you can borrow and thier magazine section is wide ranging.

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All locations additional addresses and more included…

If you’re reading this after the borders have opened and we are out of confinement, and interested in a Paris local tour you can book one here on the site! Id be happy to share my Paris

Inside La Reguliere in the 18th

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