JUNE IN PARIS – The Reopening 2021

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It’s officially hot weather time here in Paris! June 2021 is also a pivotal time for us as we go out into a new normal a la francaise. Life out of confinement, amid a new rythm.

So according to CNN’s website yesterday, I saw that France along with some other EU countries will reopen the borders to vaccinated travelers and unvaccinated “emergency” travelers will have to take a test.

Are you planning on visiting Paris or France this year? If so please let me know in the comments.

Mark your calendars because all restaurants have the authorisation to reopen on the 9th.

Our terraces have already reopened on the 19th of May – and we have larger extented seating terraces areas granted by the cities authorization. However if you didnt have a terrace you could not open back in May.


The way it used to be…

This month we’re going to be looking at the typical things to eat and drink, as well as places to stay and the things that are worth seeing for now – from my curated list that I write each year; but feel free to add more in the comments. There’s always so much to discover and rediscover in Paris, and especially now as we crave the newness of being able to move around in a more freer fashion. Its been 2 years now with Covid in our lives and I am so proud of how we’ll we are handling things emotionally, because it’s been tough not seeing freinds and family liek we used to and also dealing with the loss of people we love.


So, getting off my tangent; lets talk about the weather first.

This May was a bit rainy (actually I think it was a lot rainy, it rained every week). Despite having the pink chery blossoms bless us with thier preseence and some bursts of sunshine here and there it was rather wet!

This june seems to be quite dry which is perfect because we’re going into festival season. June marks the start of the summer artistic season.


A light jacket should do the trick, and anything esle that you fancy. No need for a coat.

I always recommend a money belt too or a small purse you can also carry in front of you because Paris has many pickpockets, especially in the metro and at the touristic places.


The big events of the month are going to be the restos reopening, museums and large spaces like Galeries Lafayette, the music festival “FETE DE LA MUSIQUE” , the tennis Championship Roland Garros, and a host of amazing LGBT activities.


Terraces: ah la vie parisienne is nothing short of exciting when you can have a little cafe en terrace with un ami.

JUNE 9th – I’m so excited all the restaurants are finally reopening not just their terraces but we can also now eat indoors as of the 9th of June ( Ill do my best to update the website, but for more informations on the fly on whats open go to my instagram and patreon @myparisianlife )

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Grab some friends and Rose Picnic!

One of the best things to do is grab your rose wine and have a picnic. If you’d like a special event arranged or you’re not sure how to pair everything- send me an email at [email protected] and we’ll arrange a high end picnic experience for you via @parisfoodiebag 


Demory is having their Beer garden in Bobigny 

Find more info here


To be honest, it’s sad that not all the hotels have reopened yet, but one of my faves is Hotel Amour and they are ( check them out here )

You can also find some decent deals here on Tripadvisor


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1 ) Fete de la musique celebrations will be happening all over the city. It’s a celebration all over France where pretty much all the bars, restaurants and street corners will have performances. Check out the local Paris instagram from the city

2 ) Musee Carnivalet reopens – more here on the museum of Paris. I’ve been waiting for the last 4 years to see it again!

3 ) LGBT – Time out has a complete list of spots and things to do here

Also fellow blogger Paris Unlocked has an amazing list

4 ) Roland Garros – Tennis time!

Sign up here to download my picnic list

Thanks for reading; bisous

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