BEST FRENCH KITCHEN: Items we cant live without.

Here is a list of French Kitchen items you will find in almost every Parisian apartment or french country home; and ones that you can easily gift yourself wherever you are reading this from! Personally, I can’t live without my cheese boards ( I have a ton because I am always making platters, and as soon as the weather gets nice its picnic time!), fleur de sel, a burning candle (I make my own – link here) but options like DIPTYQUE and BULY are sensual classics here that will give a great smell to any room; including your kitchen for many hours. 

If you are already in Paris and are looking for places to shop for homeware goods check out this article from a while back

French Gifts 

1- Cast Iron Pot – Many people will toot the horn of Le Creuset, but I went to a vintage boutique in Le Havre and saw my cast pan soulmate; a Staub orange pot!  My mother-in-law has a few and does everything in them. The traditional french kitchen like hers hanging copper pots this is the favorite place I love to retreat to when I visit. 

Staub French Oven 

2 – Candles – Diptyque Figuier Candle

Sweeten up your abode with the iconic Diptyque candles that we all love, and will burn for hours so definitely worth the price. I never go a day without burning candles, whether it be for my morning meditation or when I’m winding down after dinner ( to also get rid of the food smells) because Parisian apartments are small – so they can easily travel to your bedroom. haha 

3 – Camargue salt 

Just about any french salt is good salt! I’m totally biased but when I visited the Camargue region of French and saw the cutest Pink Flamingos and rice fields. The air and nature were amazing and the artisanal products are of very good quality. When you go to Monoprix you can have your pick and Sel de Camargue is a bit more pricy but the taste is top-notch. 

4 – Cheese Platter – Charcuterie board 

You are probably getting ready for picnic weather and even planning your own french inspired picnic right now. Well you can buy just about any cutting board or cheese board of your liking as long as it’s simply flat ( in France we don’t use the ones with the cutouts and compartments I’ve seen on some websites – that’s just too much. Hahaha) 

Get a good sturdy board like this one 

I have a few, square, rectangular, oval etc you name it… ive been collecting them over the years and you know I create cheese boards over at @parisfoodiebag 

5 – Champagne coupes

Vintage champagne glasses are the bee’s knees here! Right now I don’t know where to send you guys to find these, but I’ve found some short cute champagne glasses like 

6 – French Straw bag 

I have two, one super traditional just for shopping, I sometimes take to work because it fits my computer and notes perfectly

And I have a crazy style one that has fringes and green 

Either way you will see a basket or straw bag in just about every french home 

7- French Vintage Napkins 

A torchon is a basic kitchen towel in every home, you can get a bit fancy with some linen ones like these from 

It’s very important to have an ironed table and kitchenware, so it’s common to be invited to someone’s home and see super crisp napkins! 

Table Towels , Torchons 

8 – French Knife set


The French are all about quality over quantity and having good cutely is a big deal, to the point of starting fights in the Emmaus over who picked up the last matching set of spoons, knives, or forks. I’ve seen it IRL in the 19eme 

Set de 6 couteaux

9 – Traditional Tea

We drink tea everywhere, and it’s certainly more seen as a British thing rather than French but we go goo-goo gaga for Mariage Frere, especially in the Christmas time when it’s time to buy gifts the lines are long inside Galeries Lafayette Gourmet. 

 MARIAGE FRÈRES. The Vert Marco Polo, 100g Loose Tea, in a Tin Caddy (1 Pack) Seller Product Id MRLS68 – USA Stock

10 – Herbes de Provence 

If you’ve been to the south of France, the region we call Provence, you know a thing or two about the herbs, and lavender fields you’ve probably seen so many places. Its an aromatic experience. You can get this in a bottle, and we use it quite often in our french rubs and sauces. 

What are some french products you wish you could get where you are right now?

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