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When I strolled into Lomi Cafe on a quite Paris street in the 18th arr, it was around 10:30AM on a Sunday morning I had no expectations. I had just rolled out of bed to a voice message by one of my girl friends saying “Change of plans, meet me at 3 Rue Marcadet”. My first though was, “what the hell… there?s nothing over there!”

Yes, I have to admit that sometimes I can be a tad nescient.

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After walking down rue Stephenson and arriving at the bend at the corner to see this semi-modern building sticking out from a sandwich of two typically “charming” parisian buildings surrounding it on both sides; I pulled back the heavy black and glass doors to a spacious ambiance and the scent of roasted coffee.

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Lo and behold I walked into a coffee (and Tea) lovers heaven.

As I strolled past the two smiling baristas and a platter of cheesecake, carrot cake and chocolate cake (all made on site), I greeted my friend with the French ?bisous? and sank down into one of their comfy leather chairs, from whence I had to pull my lazy Sunday body after a yummy slice of carrot cake and their Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong tea.

The music on constant rotation was perfect for our Sunday morning cafe session we had some feel-good music: Soul and Easy-listening including the likes of Bill Withers, Diana Ross, and Aretha Franklin, etc

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5 things I like about Lomi Cafe Paris

1. The smiling Baristas (if you live in Paris you’ll realize why this is on the list).

2. The earthy decor – I just love old (or revamped) furniture – I practically had to be dragged out of the leather armchair I was hogging for the 1 and a 1/2 hours I was inside, when I had to leave.

3. I could taste the carrot in the Carrot cake! – you know what I mean? They make their own cakes and it wasn’t heavy with sugar. It was moist, but not sticky.

4. The Oolong tea was very calming – Sue me, but I didn’t have coffee at the coffee shop! But let me just tell you guys, the tea I had was very Lazy-Sunday appropriate; that went well with my carrot cake and the laughter with my friends and son.

TIP: Go for the coffee, and easiness of the place, you’ll stay for the cosy chairs and no fuss service. I also saw someone working from a laptop – So I’m assuming you could work from this cafe if they have a Wifi. Feeling was quite communal also, could be a cool place to mingle, meet new people with a similar love of coffee and quirky yet cosy atmospheres.


cafe lomi entrance 18 paris rue marcadet

3 Rue Marcadet 75018 Paris, France
09 80 39 56 24

OPEN: (Update:?Now open Everyday)
10am – 7pm

Line 12 Marx Dormoy


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