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For this installation of “the plate“: I stopped into Hotel Amour this past Sunday after a brief “tour de force” of the neighborhood Flea market shopping along Rue des Martyrs in the 9th arr. I was in search of a leather sofa (small enough to fit in my apartment, and cheap enough to fit my wallet). Needless to say thrift shopping in one of Paris’ most hip and trendy qautiers; this turned out to be not a very successful venture.

So after settling on buying a pair of vintage Argentinean made leather boots – we were exhausted an initially wanted to have lunch at Rose Bakery, but the wait in the line (with my 5 year old son) was impossibly too long to reason. So we hopped down the street to Hotel Amour where we only had to wait maximum 10 minutes before we got a table for four, at the back, under the glass roof and in an ambiance that felt like a small contained garden.

brunch hotel amour terrace

brunch hotel amour paris cupcakes

From the entrance way I noticed that there were many families and young Parisians having their brunches and the platter of pretty iced cupcakes caught my eyes first.
I was feeling very hungry so I ordered their 24 euro Brunch for myself (scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, salad, hash browns, orange juice and tea) and a menu Enfant for my son (hamburger and fries with Apple juice).

Here is what the plate of Brunch looks like:
paris Brunch plate hotel amour

It was typical by Parisian standards and good enough for me. My friends enjoyed their homemade muesli and salmon eggs Benedict with little fan fare. The food was satisfactory but not spectacular, but not too bad where it would dissuade me to go back to try their cupcakes next time.
paris brunch hotel amour check

8 Rue de Navarin 75009 Paris, France
01 48 78 31 80

METRO: Line 12 Saint George


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