Rue Montorgueil: A morning stroll

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Here’s some photos of my favorite street in Paris, Rue Montorgeuil.

Stohrer Paris bakery photo

Stohrer Oldest Parisian Bakery Patisserie

Stohrer Oldest Parisian Bakery

patry shop old paris

Ceiling inside Stohrer Rue Montorgueil

Ceiling inside Stohrer Rue Montorgueil

Frozen Savory Stohrer Paris


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After living here for 6 years, and taking my morning cafe at Cafe Marie Stuart, I’ve seen the street transform into a tourist hotspot. I have to admit that I get (slightly) overwhelmed in the summer months when everyone comes out to play – but I’ve learned to just walk down Rue Montmartre instead (where I now have to resist the urge to shop at some of Paris’ coolest boutiques!).
Cafe Marie Stuart

I shouldn’t complain too much – it is what it is – a lovely little corner that has a eclectic mix of contrasting worlds, old, new, rude, chic, tasteful…

This is a great place to stay in Paris, if you’re visiting for the first time: centrally located to everything and tons of things to see and do while living in a community. There is the Hotel Victoires Op?ra here, and you can also try to find a place on

It’s vibrant local crowd at the cafes, bakeries, supermarket, food market, little shops and boutiques range from stock brokers that work nearby at the Bourse, the aspiring fashion design student, struggling musicians, or poor / old people that live in many of the social housing that’s provided by the government.

Au Rocher Cancal Rue Montorgueil

Au Rocher de Cancale gets a face-lift

au rocher cancale paris gets a makeover

Flowers from Happy Flowers Paris

Maison Collet Paris Montorgueil Patisserie Boulangerie

Small Cakes inside Collet, Rue Montorgueil

Small Cakes inside Collet, Rue Montorgueil

clementine paris season

It’s Clementine Season!

The adjacent streets such as Rue Tiquetonne (Royal Cheese – is a specialty denim and trendy goods shop), Rue Greneta (Rice and Fish – is a California type sushi spot run by really nice dudes) and horizontal streets Etienne Marcel (Killiwatch – is a mash up of vintage and recent day street clothing) and Rue Reaumur (Kookai – a Parisian women’s clothing brand has its largest store here) are all packed with fashion, vintage, deco and restaurants (to a lesser extent Rue Reaumur which is a larger street).

And if you’re really missing your daily dose of Starbucks while visiting there is one at the beginning of the street Petits Carreaux.

Rue Montorgueil is sandwiched between two contrasting worlds: walk one Rue over and you’ll find sex shops on Rue St. Denis (and prostitutes at night) and Chic cafes and trendy fashion shops on Rue Montmartre (such as Stella Forest, COS, 58M etc)

This is the paradox that is Paris and I love its diversity.


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