Fragments Paris – Great Coffee & Fresh Produce

I’m super excited that coffee shop Fragments is now open in the Marais / Bastille area of Paris. The bigger space is an upgrade to the now defunct “Black Market Cafe”?run by the same folks.

What can I say I’m as loyal as they come to good service and great coffee.

You see, they were the first ones that got me hooked on drinking good coffee in Paris – the switch from the best chai was hard for me. Keep in mind this gang was making good coffee in paris before everyone was wearing big glasses and thick beards. This was before Paris had the outburst of coffee uprising its seen in the last 2 years! I remember having conversations about the use of real milk and tasting accents of chocolate in coffee – my mid was blown and so were my taste buds.


The new Fragments has a lot of the old soul, with the same owner Youssef?who is just as dedicated to introducing Paris to some of the best coffee in the world as he is to working with small high quality roasters. ?Presently they have beans from The Coffee Collective;?Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia…

One thing I love about these guys is that you never get the feeling that you’re being schooled – which is a great thing considering that as a novice I am! ?You feel like you’re enjoying a really good cup of coffee in really good company. Tranquile…
Espresso : 2.20 Euros
Noisette : 3 Euros
Creme: 4 Euros
Aeropress: 5. 10 Euros
fragments cafe coffee photo

fragments empty coffee cups

The messy aftermath of coffee and writing…


Fragments now has an impressive kitchen selection with a young chef, Margaux Strich, who’s making some innovative mash-ups and mixes of fresh seasonal produce. Hey, what do you expect! Youssef?has been working with many local farmers and how also distributes weekly baskets of fruits and veggies from the regions best. ?You can pick your up for only 23 Euros. Organic, and fresh from local farm producers. (basket photo at end of article)

tatine du jour paris fragments

The Tartine du jour: Grison, figue, creme de chevre au miel aka Thin slices of air sliced beef, fig, creamy goat cheese with honey.

I just love that they are not forcing anything on you – you have a selection of great things to eat for a small price or a full meal similar to what you’d pay at a Bistro – but much fresher and better quality!

best lunch and coffee at fragments


The photo above is an example of the appetizer that goes with the lunch “Tarte fine aux champignons” ?Mushroom Tarte -??3 different mushroom preparation methods??in one small creation, lightly saut?ed mushrooms, mushroom?paste, spinach sauce, homemade crust base. De-lish!

NB – Petite-Formule at 7.50 eu:?Tartine du jour with homemade?cannele?or espresso.

Fragments Paris – Address: 76 Rue de Tournelles, Paris, France


Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 6pm ?Weekdays, 10 am to 6pm Weekends.

Closest Metro: Chemin – Vert (Line 8)

Map it:



yosef paris fragments coffee shop ex black market


Inside fragments paris

Homemade Chocolate cake paris fragments


vegetable basket paris local organic bio This last ?photo by one of the great people you’ll meet at Fragments – ? Chung-Leng Tran – shows the vegetable basket from local farmers you can order at Fragments.





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