Asparagus Season in Paris

asperagus franceAt the local food market here in Montmartre, I’ve been buying tons of green asparagus and I thought why not share some cooking ideas for one of the French’s most love vegetable this time of the year.

Asperges ? la coppa

L’asperge?as it’s called in French, is seasonal from March to June, and can be cooked in a variety of ways. ?Traditionally steamed, but I’ve been trying some lightly fried, in risottos and even baked recipes. I’m also thinking of trying some Kale recipes – it’s all the hype here (that’s kind of why I havent tried it yet). But I’ve been seeing it at the Marche d’Aligre, so I’ll give it a go!


Asperges ? la coppa


?There are also tons of recipes to be found online, we especially love this board of Asparagus on Pinterest.

What are some of your favorite asparagus recipes?


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