KUNITORAYA – 1 Rue Villedo Paris 75001

Kunitoraya, 1, rue Villedo Paris75001

Known for its Japanese noodles, ramen, udon and soba soups Kunitoraya is a hot spot on the Parisian food scene right now located in Rue Sainte Anne area where you’ll find some of my other favorite authentic, Japanese restaurants. It’s well executed minimalism is of course what we’d expect, but be on the look out for long lines to get in around lunchtime (tip: go early around 12:30pm if you can instead of 1:30pm).

Ideal if you want to lunch and rub elbows with some of Paris fashion elite. The prices are also on the high end side with a bowl of soup running 18 euros. I must say though that the food was divine, but I’ve had similar soups at half that price at around the corner at Hokkaido.

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I’d recommended the Tempura-udon if you’re a shrimp fan. The lightly fried shrimp and vegetables come on the side of the soup ready for dipping in your miso soup. The pork is tasty here too so also try the Kuntora-udon.

They’re not open on a Wednesday and I wouldn’t suggest you go with groups bigger than four people. Space is narrow, well utilized but as you sit length wise and share tables it can be hard to find seating for bigger groups.

CONCEPT: pricy authentic japanese noodles, udon, soba soups, minimalist exposed walls, white coat wearing servers, long lines,good for lunch, go around 12:30 to avoid waiting, not open on Wednesdays, close to Telescope coffee shop …

Kunitoraya – 1 rue villedo 75001 Paris France
Open everyday except Wednesdays. Lunchtime:12noon -5pm Dinner:7pm -11:15pm
Metro: Pyramids (lines 7, 14)
No reservation necessary
Credit cards accepted only with 20 euros minimum.
They also have a fancier restaurant at 5 rue villedo.

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