Lunch in Paris: Burgers and Fries

in n out style burger joint paris At the foot of the massive Porte Saint Denis Arc in the trendy Faubourg Saint Denis (FSD) Neighborhood is one of the best burgers spots around. Simple and cheap – quite hard to find in Paris.

Not to mention the quality as good – if you’re not a fan of fast-food but like a burger from time to time, I highly recommend this place. No gimmicks just really good french beef, with only 3 menu selection. You know what you’re getting. The restaurant is separated on two floors with outdoors seating (it’s a busy street but if the weather is nice why not!), and friendly staff.

You place your order at the entrance counter and to the back is the preparation counter, where you’ll go one your numbered ringer goes off.

They also have milkshakes – but I wouldn’t try those as you pump it from a machine. not my style. But hey for 2.50 euros. You let me know when you try it.

We’ve tried the cheese burger (8.60 euros) and the hamburger (7.95 euros) menus with fries ( so yummy!) plus with refillable sodas options.

Basic but great for a quick burger craving. Not the kind of fancy burger places you go to have a gastronomic experience – so don’t go on a date here guys!

It’s however perfect for dependable burger take-out, and cleaner than a lot of traditional french bistro restaurants.


It’s really more like In N?Out style. Also attracts a lot of hipsters despite being so non-conceptual.

They also have a Veggie burger for 4 euros.

Kid friendly and great for groups.

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paris burger and fries

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