TRAVEL FROM PARIS: Top 5 places you can day trip by car.


Lately I’ve been thinking about a road trip from Paris! There are so many places that are easily in driving distance from Paris that would make not only great weekend trips but fun romantic getaways from the city if you live here. If you’re visiting from another country, don’t worry renting a car from Paris a super easy too and with a good GPS navigation (or an old school paper map) the roads are easy to navigate.?

Now, this is especially a good list of places to visit if you’re coming to Pairs from a far ( let’s say Australia man) and you want to make the best, aka maximize that dollar, time and taste for adventure in Europe. Of course there are other places you can roam to from Paris, but these are the ones that I’m personally planning for my 2017 bucket list (mostly some UNESCO world Heritage sites) . ?I’m getting my travel blogging in gear.?

In terms of accommodation and also I suppose it depends greatly on the time of the year, I?m not big on camping yet ( I swear every year these french people try so hard to get me to go camping…haha) but there are many Airbnb or tiny cute hotels you can rest your head in any one of these small town.

Any of these cities are around 2 hours or less away, and each link will give you additional information on how to get there and other things to see and do:

Provins – 1.5 hours

visit Provins from Paris

Provins from Caesars Tower

?A UNESCO world heritage site for its medical architecture is as cute as a button, supposedly super peaceful and charming.?



Reims – 1.75 hours

Reims from Paris

Reims France

Enjoy a stop in Champagne region and try one of the individual or group tours of champagne tastings. The good thing about renting a car is that you can hit up a few places.?


Deauville – 2.20 hours

Deauville from paris by My parisian life

Deauville beach

Forget all that fanciness you heard, sure back in the day this was where all the wealthy would rush to spend their leisurely weekend. But now it’s accessible to everyone and you may even know the international film festival.

Perfect for a beach escape!


Giverny – 1.20 hours

Giverny from Paris


From April to November every year Monet’s house stays open with the most beautiful gardens that have been so magnificently captured by him in his paintings. ?If you’re an art or history buff this day trip is well worth a visit with the car.?


Loire Valley ?- 2.14 hours

Loire Valley from Paris

Loire Valley – Chateau de Chambord

If you’re into Chateaus then you want to take a trip to the Loire Valley from Paris. They have over 100 of them! You can visit the most famous one Chateau de Chenonceau. It is the 2nd most visited ch?teau in France after Versailles! Getting excited yet?

You?ll get your share of good food, and wine too. And I’d even say you can start early in the morning with a drive to Versailles, then head out to the Loire in the afternoon and spend the night and next day there.?


You can?RENT a car here?

Also let me know if there are some other places you?ve been or taking of driving to from Paris? I?m excited to here your experiences too!

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