Life in Paris: Postcards from Paris

In retrospect last year in Paris was one of my worst and best years. I was hoping to find another way to sum things up – but I’m sure most of you will agree by saying it was a crappy year all over the world. So many life changes in a short period of time, where I mostly felt that this all couldn’t just be happening to me. And the more I opened up – I was indeed right! We were and are all going through somethings. No man is immune from the challenges of life.

One day I opened my mail box to receive a postcard from my mom and that one-act of kindness literally cleansed a shitty week! Last month a similar thing happened when I received a postcard from a friend in New Zealand – with chocolate – oh lord! And it got me thinking, no one sends regular mail any more. And also that’s why it’s so powerful an experience to receive a postcard or anything special in the mail, right?

Someone took the time to not sit behind a digital device and have google autocorrect their writing – but actually took time to sit and dragged ink on paper letting their positive energy transfer from a feeling to an action.

So this year I’ve promised myself that as I get closer to living a slower life, one where I’m more grateful (for the good and the bad), authentic and discovering more about myself and how to help others – I want to connect more with you and want you to do the same with me.

It’s scary for me to get into video (I’m no pro here) but I welcome it as it’s a way to connect to more of you guys, wanting to know more about the “real” life in Paris, but of course keeping the dream alive sharing the totally magical bits that I encounter in the ordinary.


yanique in paris blogger by le secret audrey paris photographer blogger

Yanique?and Loustic 🙂


In addition to testing out video, I want to send out Monthly Postcards.

Handwritten correspondences to a few people who’d love to have a Parisian penpal. If you love food, travel, and want to share in this experiment?let me know.

Is that you?

The goal is to share with you over the course of a year (until December) some small snippets from Paris. Who knows, I may be able to keep writing you all for years!

Simply shoot me an email – with your Name, address, and a little bit about yourself, and we can start from there. In hopes that one day we’ll meet in Paris, eh!

EMAIL : myparisianlife (at)

With all my love and softness, Yanique



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    I love this idea, Yanique, it is so generous and caring!
    I wonder if you’ll do a post to share what the experience has been like?

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