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Wellness in Paris is having it’s hay day thanks to intentional spots like Glow on the Go! I stopped in this past weekend with a friend for their homemade almond milk and matcha tea mixes.  I think it must be something about being in my thirties in Paris, but I definitely get my kicks these days from anything that’s about self-care, crystals, meditation or slow living like yoga and clean beauty. So imagine my surprise to find this spot that’s one part cool and one part holistic. Nothing here screams “too much”! You know what I mean? Come on, if probably like me, you are repelled by the all too righteous new-wave yogis and clean beauty fanatics being over the top goop-y. It slightly makes me feel like I’m not a part of the cool wellness trend, but I’m also happy to be going at my own pace. I mean, can we just have a safe place where we can nurture our bodies and chill? Well… Glow on the Go! feels like that space. It’s kind of a little nook in the corner of the Marais close to Place des Vosges, right on Rue de Turenne and at the end of Rue des Franc Bourgeois; where you’ll find a slew of fashion and beauty houses).  In the Marais, you’ll find a plethora of yoga studio for every style and desire.  So here we can meet in the middle with Glow on the Go, conscious snacks and drinks, conscious beauty and wellness products coupled with an aesthetic selection of magazines and French books.  Their interior is super cozy and ceramic shelves and tables by Fabienne L Hostis // They describe themselves as a latte bar and centrally located concept wellness for all. wellness in paris glow on the go


on the menu you can find latte’s “bien sur! ” but also bowls, sandwiches, and shots (like the ginger, garlic, and lemon mix) and more…stop in take a seat and treat yourself – or get a little glow on the go while you wander around the Marais.   Check them out on their website  and Facebook

Glow on the Go : Address : 25 Rue de Turenne, 75004 Paris

Opening hours:

Monday 11:30AM–6:30PM
Tuesday 11:30AM–6:30PM
Wednesday 12–5:30PM
Thursday 11:30AM–6:30PM
Friday 11:30AM–7:30PM
Saturday 11:30AM–7:30PM
Sunday 11:30AM–7:30PM

Visit them here:

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