Fondation Cafe Paris: Expands Coffee Culture

This weekend we headed over to Fondation Cafe, (not Foundation with a u), for a little Saturday afternoon coffee break with friends while taking in the flea market in the neighborhood.

Fondation is among the new breath of fresh air that’s taking the Parisian coffee scene by storm (they are just around the corner from Broken Arm and Cafe Pinson, and the co-owner Chris was at Ten Belles). ?Paris has notoriously gotten a bad rep for having subpar coffee, but that’s all changing since the last 2 years with a slew of new coffee lovers who are igniting a fire for bringing and brewing the best coffee in Paris.

Great Coffee: ?we were delighted with our coffee from Belleville Roasters and Banana cake from the king of all that’s sweet and good to eat in (they had a Kaki /Persimmon?Tarte thing that was de-viiiinnnneee).

Minimalistic Vibe and Decor: The coffee-shop is tiny and intimate with massive glass doors that lets tons of light in to warm up the space. Fresh flowers adorn the wall counter to the side. The bare wooden chairs and tables looks like they were made so simply and specially for the space. And I was wooed by the bright green mugs that lined that top of the coffee machine. They even had those old metal mugs you used while camping! If that wasn’t enough to keep us inside long after we had out last sip the mix of old school hip hop and funk on the stereos made us felt very at home. They also have sidewalk seating if you’re like Otis and like to have your ciggy with your coffee.

?All in All:?

  • Nice guys, ?intimate space, and great coffee
  • See photo with prices below
  • They also serve take away
  • English and French spoken here

Oh and also guys…

Have you been to Fondation Coffee Shop? Share your experience in the comments section.

cafe creme fondation

Fondation cafe Address:?16 rue Dupetit Thouars, Paris 75003, France

Opens at 8:30 am.

Metro: Temple (line 3) or Republique

Map it:

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banana cake fondation coffeeshop paris

The Emperor Norton Banana Cake.

filtered coffee cappacino banana cake fondation paris

prices cafe paris fondation





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