Travel from Paris: Berlin 20 Best Places to Try!

Berlin things to do summer 2016

1. Pulled Pork at Markethalle, 2. Coffee at Concierge 3. Vegan Burger at Markethalle 4. Sesame Algue Popcorn at Wild things Berlin!


Berlin has no shortage of things to do and is one of the interesting hotspots in Europe where people just love to visit!

I went last week – as you’ve probably seen from the Facebook and Instagram photos – and here’s a list or rather summary of my time there mostly in the Kreuzberg and Neukolln neighborhoods.

The photos show my Berlin that I like to think of as through an authentic lens of someone who’s been to many of the very touristy places before, and just enjoy a mix of coffee shop hopping, and gastronomic delights, but won’t shy away from the many street food options that make Berlin so diverse.

Lots of Coffeeshops, old cafes, Bars, people drinking beer everywhere, riding bikes, burger places, Korean restaurants, graffiti on every single door, big parks, lots of green (you can even buy weed in Grlitzer Park)


Getting there

I took the RER B from Gare de Nord to Charles de Gaulle -CDG and my round-trip ticket on Air France was around 170 Euros. But You can get cheaper on low-cost airlines for around 100 Euros. My flight went to Berlin Tegel airport and it’s super easy to get a cab in the city ( or share a cab) or even take the x9 but to a metro. Bus and metro tickets are 2.20 Eu. And you can just buy a day pass for 7 Euro, or rent a bike for around 8 euros per day.

I would advise seeing Berlin by bike!



Carry cash around – very few places accept credit cards.

Tipping 10% is customary.

An average (decent) meal is around 10 Euros- no kidding! It’s that cheap (compared to Paris).

Germans drink a lot of beer. That much you already know. But they also eat a LOT of ice cream and ice cream shops are EVERYWHERE, and they’re really good!

There are parks everywhere so if you’re traveling with kids you’ll be able to take a break almost anywhere.

Take a picnic along the Spree – or any one of the many massive parks!



hallesches berlin shop and food 1

hallesches berlin homeware shop

Voo Store – kind of like Colette in Paris, for a mix of overpriced stylishly functional stuff for your wardrobe or home. Get some cool coffee table books here too. And they have an in-house coffee shop courtesy of Companion Coffee that is the bomb.

Bohei – the perfect place to take the kids or gift shop before you leave Berlin (close to Bundlsey Coffee Shop).

Mykita – the eponymous Berlin brand is the big boss of the sunglass and eyewear scene here.

Hallesches Shop (General Store) and Restaurant – Best place to get a yummy veggie lunch bowl, rub elbows with some of Berlins most creative – use the c0-working space or eat lunch outside.

Markethalle – Fresh fruits and veggies here as well as discover some of Berlin best shops in a pop-up form on Saturday mornings.

markethalle pretzel berlin

Pretzel from Endorphina Bakery at the Markethalle

brewbox coffee berlin markethalle coffee

Tasted the best coffee of my life at Brewbox! seen here inside the Markethalle as a pop-up


food lunch bowl hallesches berlin shop and food

food lunch bowl hallesches berlin shop and food

Beuster – has a changing seasonal menu where the prices are similar to that or Paris between 10 to 25 Euros per plate (rare for Berlin) but the food is ALWAYS great. Example – Mules Frites (10 eu), Entrecote (24 eu). The setting is trendy casual and perfect for hipster or whoever wants to be seen.

Pacifico Berlin– Try the classic it’s 5.50Eu with a damn good cheddar and if you want to step up a bit the blue cheese burger for 1 eu extra may take you to Heaven.

Sahara Imbiss – Berliners are big on snaking you’ll find a kebab place on every corner, and one of the best chains is this healthy (well if you don’t count that almost everything is fried!) Sudanese restaurant where you can get a veggie place with halloumi cheese tofu and falafel for 6 euros.

Angry Chicken – has the best Korean chicken in town, simple fast and tasty.



wild things bar belrin

Sipping a carefully selected natural Prosecco at Wild Things bar

Wild Things is your best bet in Kreuzberg for a great selection of natural wines, great lively ambiance, and excellent food. May have to make a reservation, or just go for a drink and try the sesame algae popcorn – OMG! Drinks around 5 euros and popcorn 2 euros.

Bateau Ivre – is just one of those places you go to pass the time away out front and see all of Berlin in Kreuzberg. They have great cheese platters too. Beer around 2.50 euros.



Coffee shops

Concierge berlin coffee shop

welcome to Concierge Coffee Berlin

camon coffee shop berlin

cosy decor inside CAMON coffee shop

Concierge – is along the spree and lots of outdoor seating if you’re wanting to take in some rays.

Camon – has the BEST decor and coffee shop vibe.

Bitte – is a tiny piece of heaven with yummy vegan treats and good coffee

Five Elephants – the standard in Kreuzberg and they roast many of the other shops coffee in Berlin

Bundsley – has the BEST carrot cake and chocolate cookie. And a strong yet creamy espresso to go!

Nah am Wasser – one part coffee shop and one part real restaurant – they have the BEST industrial decor where you can relax with your computer and work on their wifi all day.


Ice Cream Shops
Eis Manufaktur – sit and admire all the cute old German couples who come and buy ice cream together – or take your kids along to play in front with all the other kids.
Many locations – but my fave: Weserstrae 6 Berlin.
Frulein Frost – on a super cool street (you’ll find Katie’s Blue Cat, Tischendorf and more…)Friedelstrae 38, 12047 Berlin, Germany


Five elephant Berlin best coffee shop

at the German Aeropress Championship

As I went the second week of May I was lucky to be there for Stil In Berlin 10 Year anniversary at Markethalle, The German Aeropress Championships at the Five Elephants Roastery, Carnival de Kulture, and Craft Beer Festival.


Berlin has no shortage of things to do!



Voo store (+ Companion Coffee shop)
Address: Oranienstrae 24, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Address: Weserstrae 43, 12045 Berlin, Germany
MYKITA Shop Berlin Mitte
Address: Rosa-Luxemburg-Strae 6, 10178 Berlin, Germany



Address: Weserstrae 32, 12045 Berlin, Germany

Sahara Imbiss

Address: Wildenbruchstrae 85, 12045 Berlin, Germany


Address: Oranienstrae 147, 10969 Berlin, Germany
Angry Chicken
Address: Oranienstrae 16, 10999 Berlin, Germany


Wild Things Bar

Address:Weserstrae 172, 12045 Berlin

Metro: U Rathaus Neuklln

Contact: + 49 1578 3130418


Bateau Ivre
Address: Oranienstrae 18, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Concierge Coffee
Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Camon Coffee Shop
Address: Sonnenallee 27, 12047 Berlin, Germany
Bitte Coffee
Address: Glogauer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Five Elephant Coffee
Address: Reichenberger Str. 101, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Bundsley Coffee Shop
Address: Weserstrae 44, 12045 Berlin, Germany


Nah am Wasser
Address: Kiehlufer 55, 12059 Berlin, Germany
Hallesches Haus
Address: Tempelhofer Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin, Germany
Fraulein Frost 
Address: Friedelstrae 38, 12047 Berlin, Germany


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