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Pierre’s Ultimate Paris Coffeeshop Map

A complete list of all the best places to get (really) good coffee in Paris.

Kids say the darndest things, right?

The other day I was talking to my son about favorites and moved on to asking him “what is your favorite coffee shop?” to which he replied without hesitation “Cafe Lomi!” ?It’s just a combination of the moist chocolate cake, cosy sofas and friendly baristas. He loves that place – and recently we decided to create a map together, of our favorite parisian coffee shops. All of which are kid friendly.

As a little Parigo aka Parisian – he’s been spoilt with a love of lingering on cafe terrace or bistro from time to time?with his parents.

You guys know how much I love coffee shops and he’s been to all of them with me at some time or another.

Of course he doesn’t drink coffee.?One of his favorites Tuck shop has since closed ( he loved the baby piano and baby-capucccino) ?But we left it on the list because I think they’ll open something similar in that space that’s bound to have good coffee.

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ten belles cafe paris


  1. Le Caf? Lomi
  2. Ten Belles
  3. kb cafeshop
  4. Strada Caf?
  5. Cafe Chilango
  6. Telescope
  7. Loustic
  8. Fragments
  9. Fondation Caf?
  10. Le Coutume caf?
  11. Matamata Coffee Bar
  12. Belleville Br?lerie
  13. Blackburn Coffee
  14. Bob’s Bake Shop
  15. Holybelly
  16. CAF? CRAFT
  17. AntiCaf? Beaubourg
  18. Caf?oth?que
  19. Le Bal Caf?
  20. Le Look
  21. CLOSED =Tuck Shop
  22. The Broken Arm
  23. Caf? Pinson
  24. BOOT cafe

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