So this month is in Paris is still cold guys, as it’s as to be expected for a February in the French capital! Come with your coats.

Valentine’s Day treat!!

There’s lots of really cool things and happenings going on this month in Paris and if you’ve been following along on Instagram you know that we have the romantic Paris e-book that coupled up with the cheap and chic e-book for the promotional price of €20 are on the blog you can buy it here it’s just a great way to offer yourself the best of two worlds which is the romantic side of Paris and you know the cheap in chic side we’re trying to offer champagne taste on a beer budget

Chinese New Years

Chinese New Year’s in Paris is a big deal there are tons of neighborhoods where you can have the celebration that goes on until around 14 February with different activities every day.

Lao Sam – 49 Rue de Belleville, 75019 Paris

KONG – 1 Rue du Pont Neuf, 75001 Paris

For me to have the coolest neighborhoods that I like to hang out if I need or want to have Chinese food or hang to get some Chinese shop is Belleville or in the 13th arrondissement. 

44, Avenue d’Ivry – Avenue de Choisy – Place d’Italie – Avenue d’Italie – Rue de Tolbiac – Avenue de Choisy – Boulevard Massana – Avenue d’Ivry.


I was super excited to be invited to the Michelin star recieving ceremony two weeks ago and while I was there also super excited to see that there are some of my favorite restaurants who got a star (or two)! so for this months best place to eat I want to tell you guys to head on over to Frenchie if you haven’t been able to check a Frenchie and the last I’d say you know 10 years this is your opportunity may be a bit hard and I am to get a reservation but it’s definitely going over to rooted nail and try one of their meals. 


You simply can’t go wrong and Moonshaker, this 1920s speakeasy bar has a really cool decor a very friendly staff and just an amazing ambiance to get cocktails and hang out with locals. Expect a mix of touristy or ex-pat crowd as well.


I’ve reviewed Hotel Fabric before on the blog so you can check out that review here but I just wanted to say that it’s one of those places that keeps coming back as a suggestion over and over by a lot of people I speak to visit Paris! Even though the rooms are  small (it’s Paris after all) the staff and the location is amazing



Merci – Concept Store

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris

In celebration of messes ten year anniversary, you guys definitely need to stop by there and then take a wander around this iconic Parisian concept store. There are lots to discover that’s more than shops, that includes some galleries, really cool restaurants, and cocktail bars!

Pas de loup,  Chambre noir,  Galerie Joseph,  Bon Ton,  Acné studios. Maison Plisson 


A lot of the art galleries and museums are actually in the process of setting up their installation going to be starting on 20 February 2019.

Somethings that I’m really looking forward to that I’d love to share with you guys is that Palais Tokyo is going to be having an exhibition by the Theaster Gates, Amalgam and it looks really interesting.

Black History month

It’s not really celebrated in Paris as it is in the anglophone countries, However, I want to take this opportunity to say to you guys that there’s an amazing tour by Little Africa Paris that brings you deep into the richness of everything that is Afrocentric when it comes to the history and modern-day Paris and France

Not to miss:

Les Bain festival 


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